Commercial Kitchen

The Superior Culinary Center is a regional shared-use food processing center for food service entrepreneur. Anyone wishing to produce and market a food product can find everything they need to get started —  from culinary supplies and equipment to food to  marketing and business planning assistance:

  • A state certified, commercially equipped kitchen for food preparation, cooking demonstrations, or education and training.
  • An on-site gourmet chefs marketplace  providing an immediate sales opportunity for food products produced within the Superior Culinary Center

Business opportunities enabling users to access additional marketing and networking assistance.

The Superior Culinary center is a shared-use commercial kitchen available to residents of Southeast Wisconsin wishing to start or expand a food-related small business.

Located in Milwaukee, this fully licensed commercial facility is ideal for use by the following groups or individuals:Bread-&-Baker

  • Growers and producers
  • Caterers
  • Restaurants
  • Chefs
  • Bakers
  • Cooking class instructors
  • Special-event vendors
  • Service clubs, community groups, and non-profit organizations

For a small hourly fee, the kitchen  provides food entrepreneurs with the resources they need to get their dream off the ground—without having to invest in costly food-processing equipment and maintenance.

In addition to kitchen space, the Culinary Center also provides packaging, technical support, and business development services along with storage for bulk supplies, refrigerator and freezer rental for refrigerated and frozen products.


The SES Culinary Center Kitchen contains commercial-grade food-processing equipment chosen for its versatility in meeting a wide range of culinary needs.

Whether you’re mixing, baking, roasting, or frosting, you’ll find everything you need in one spacious location.

  • Convection ovens
  • Commercial gas cook range
  • Mixer
  • Char broiler
  • Stainless steel work tables
  • Large assortment of baking and cooking utensils including large-quantity kettles
  • Closed circuit camera’s  for teaching cooking classes
  • Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Ice machine
  • Prep Sink
  • Commercial dishwasher

Kitchen Rates

The cost for using the Kitchen is very minimal. For as little as $25.00 per  hour with a signed contract, culinary entrepreneurs have access to the finest, state-of-the-art commercial kitchen equipment.

Customers who have used the kitchen in the past include the following:

  • Residents producing food items to sell locally
  • Entrepreneurs starting a small-scale food processing business
  • Restaurant owners testing new recipes
  • Existing food processors creating new products
  • Cooking class instructors
  • Food handling and preparation instructors
  • Food demonstrators

For more information on renting our kitchen, or to make a reservation, please call Mike at 800-960-4300.


The strength of the Superior Culinary Kitchen Center comes from the turnkey services it offers. Our clients appreciate the convenience of being able to do everything from one location—from sourcing ingredients and supplies to achieving the goal of marketing their products to the general public.foie-gras-in-lawrence-kansas-345

The superior culinary center serves as an on-site distribution site for the many products created in the Superior Culinary Center Kitchen. It is a favorite destination for area residents and tourists looking to purchase the region’s diverse culinary delicacies.

A membership to SES Culinary Club is also available for the kitchen clients looking for additional networking, educational, and economic benefits.

Events & Education

The advantage of working with the Superior Culinary Kitchen Center goes well beyond food processing. Food processors and visitors have access to a wide variety of education and training programs designed to help them confidently produce and market their products. safe serve class

  • Safe food handling and sanitation training
  • Entrepreneurial youth training program
  • Business development
  • Marketing workshops

Tour Taste Enjoy!

Special events, motor coach and group tours, samplings, and demonstrations are designed to showcase the many flavors of the Superior Culinary Kitchen Center

This year’s calendar is filled with plenty of opportunities to satisfy you’re craving for something delicious.

For more information on any of our scheduled events, or to arrange for a special tour, demonstration, or sampling, call (800) 960-4300 to sample our Cook like a Chef Series.

Come explore with us!Food Tasting

Experience the cuisine that defines the cultures of our local communities. Our Cook like a Chef dinners showcases authentic foods from the diverse cultures that have influenced Southeast Wisconsin. Local chefs and Superior cooks demonstrate authentic techniques as they prepare appetizer, soup, salad, bread, entree, dessert, and beverage.

Events held monthly May through October.