Rent Canopy Tents for Wedding Receptions, Parties, Festivals or Corporate Events


Wedding receptions, graduation parties, corporate outings, multi-day festivals—we have a tent for any occasion. Tents just have an incredible ability to create a special oasis, even in the most mundane, middle of nowhere settings. We see it all the time.

white-party-tent-w4Party Tents: Planning an outdoor party or event, but want some protection from the elements during the festivities? Superior ensures a beautiful and secure tent environment to help make your event unforgettable. Available in the following widths: 10’, 16’, 20’ and 30’ with a standard 7’ leg. They come in vinyl top available in white or colored stripes. White sidewall hung by hook and jump ropes around perimeter of tent and no center poles are required  required.



Wedding4aWedding Tents: From elegant Century Tents to large structure tents, no wedding ceremony is too big or small. We also have a variety of tent accessories and accents, including ceiling fabric, pole cover and other decorative treatments to provide the finishing touch on your wedding day.We have these in a variety of sizes ranging from 20×20 to 60×160.

Contact one of our in-house tenting experts to plan the perfect tent for your perfect day.


tennnh_2.73190323_stdFrame Tents:Our team of tent managers can build any size and type of wedding tent. We also provide suggestions for extras such as air conditioning and heating decorative ceiling, flooring and floor cover design, and lighting and power requirements. Frame Tents have no center poles and are free standing, a necessary featuresince  it gives additional space for  dance floor and tables and mingling.

Grass or Asphalt: Frame Tents  usually do not require in-ground staking, they can be set up on just about any type of ground surface.

Installation Sizes range from 10′ sq up to 40′ x 160′

solid-white-tent-walls-no-brandSolid White Sidewalls: Don’t let the weather elements ruin the event that you worked so hard to prepare. Our Sidewalls are user friendly, install in minutes, and provide protection from wind, rain, and other weather elements so you can continue to enjoy your event. These sidewalls also attach at the sides using clips making them ideal for trade show applications when securing your items during the events down time. Built from lighter weight translucent vinyl than our commercial grade side walls.



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Window Sidewalls:Ideal for weddings and events with a view. With Window Sidewalls you can add a touch of class and elegance to any tent.Designed for Durability, Safety, and Performance, it is fast & easy to assemble. The large size is ideal for big events, such as weddings or proms. Very easy to decorate with lights, flowers, etc.. All Sidewalls, and Commercial-Grade Velcro Fasteners Included! Beautiful Windows let in a great natural lighting. Storage Bags Included



Safety Precautions:
It’s very important to anchor your tent to the ground securely. Tie Down Kits, Ground Bars, and Heavy Duty Pegs are recommended in even the calmest weather conditions. This item should not be used as a permanent structure. Since this item is a temporary structure, we do NOT recommend your leaving this item unattended during inclement weather (i.e. rain, hail, snow, wind, and ice). Neither do we recommend your assembling overnight. In addition, this item is not manufactured to withstand the weight of any form of precipitation left on the top of the unit.

We recommend that you buy storm straps and extra long ground pegs to further secure your party tent.

Superior  offers tents of more than 10 different sizes! Even if you find that you need a larger marquee at a later date, Superior  tent multi-span option offers the degree of flexibility you need. For example, if you have purchased a 32′ x 20′ structure but now find that a 20’x20′ would be more suitable, you can purchase a 20′ x 20′ canopy (roof) to make your tent smaller.

Choosing the Right Size Tent for Your Event 

  • Cocktail Party/Standing………… 5-6 sq. ft. per person
  • Cocktail Party/Seated  …………… 10 sq. ft. per person
  • Reception/Partial Seating………… 8 sq. ft. per person
  • Dining/Oblong Tables……………… 10 sq. ft. per person
  • Dining/Round Tables……………… 12 sq. ft. per person
  • Cathedral Seating (in rows)……… 6 sq. ft. per person
  • Dance Area………………………… 2-4 sq. ft. per person


Number of guests: Recommended tent size:
50 20’ x 40’ (seated), 20’ x 30 (standing)
100 30’ x 50’ (seated), 30’ x 30’ (standing)
150 40’ x 60’ (seated), 40’ x 40’ (standing)
200 40′ x 80′ (seated), 40′ x 60′ (standing)
300  60′ x 80′ (seated), 60′ x 60′ (standing)


Tent Diagrams

The chart below outlines the tent sizes we offer, with diagrams depicting typical configurations for chair and table rentals within each tent. None of these table configurations are written in stone, so feel free to let us know if there is some other arrangement you’d like.



Rectangular: 20×20 Tent with seating for 48 people at 8ft Tables
Round: 20×20 Tent with seating for 32 people at 60″ Round Tables



Rectangular: 20×30 Tent with seating for 64 people at 8ft. Tables.
Round: 20×30 Tent with seating for 48 people at 60″ Round Tables.



Rectangular: 20×40 Tent with seating for 80 people at 8ft. Tables.
Round: 20×40 Tent with seating for 64 at 60″ Round Tables.



Rectangular: 30×30 Tent with seating for 96 at 8ft Tables.
Round: 30×30 Tent with seating for 64 at 60″ Round Tables.



Rectangular: 30×45 Tent with seating for 144 at 8ft Tables.
Round: 30×45 Tent with seating for 88 at 60″ round Tables.



Rectangular: 30×60 Tent with seating for 192 at 8ft Tables.
Round: 30×60 Tent with seating for 128 at 60″ Round Tables.



Rectangular: 40×40 Tent with seating for 160 at 8ft tables.
Round: 40×40 Tent with seating for 128 at 60″ Round Tables.



Rectangular: 40×60 Tent with seating for 256 at 8ft Tables.
Round: 40×60 Tent with seating for 192 at 60″ Round Tables.



Rectangular: 40×80 Tent with seating for 320 at 8ft Tables.
Round: 40×80 Tent with seating for 256 at 60″ Round Tables.


Century Tents


Rectangular: 40×60 Tent with seating for 256 at 8ft Tables.
Round: 40×60 Tent with seating for 192 at 60″ Round Tables.



Rectangular: 60×70 Century Tent with seating for 432 at 8ft Tables.
Round: 60×70 Century Tent with seating for 336 at 60″ Round Tables.



Rectangular: 60×100 Century Tent with seating for 624 at 8ft tables.
Round: 60×100 Century Tent with seating for 480 at 60″ Round Tables.

6 ft. Signature Fencing

Our 6 ft. Signature fencing is an elegant way to create an entrance to your tent, enclose an open-sided tent, or delineate areas within your tent for exhibitors to have their own space. These free-standing 6 ft. long fence sections offer a variety of intriguing possibilities both inside and outside your tent.

Contact our Superior event and party rental experts for table rentals at your event.