Generators & Heaters

When your event requires additional power, rent one of our 6000 watt generators. This generator has up to 2 outlets that can power two moonwalks at a time. It comes with enough fuel to last up to four hours. For events lasting over four hours, we can provide an attendant and fuel for an additional cost. Generators are perfect for parks, festivals, and local venues. You won’t have to worry about power shortages at your next fun-filled event!

Heaters – 80,000 BTU propane w/ duct (Propane Extra)inside

Heaters – 170,000 BTU propane w/ duct (Propane Extra)

Heater, patio (Propane Extra)


Pedestal Fan


What Size Tent Heater Do You Need?

For events held in cool weather months such as early spring or fall, a few patio heaters may be all you need. Although called “patio heaters,” these can be safely used inside tents—or even outside of tents if you have a bar area outside your tent. They provide adequate heating in moderately cool

Patio Heater Rental:

Use Outdoor Patio Heaters for Warmth: We will help heat an outside area for you and your guests for your special event. Enjoy the outdoors more during the chilly season while staying warm with a patio heater. Make the outside entryway to your special event toasty warm with patio heaters. Your guests will appreciate not having to stand out in the cold.

Perfect for the deck or patio at your house. Your guests can enjoy the outside and keep warm while smoking a cigar and having a beverage. There will be more room in your house for people to move around and food to be served or prepared while your guests are enjoying themselves under the portable patio heaters.

Rent an outdoor heater for your hot tub party to keep your friends warm while toweling off.

Restaurants can use outside areas for overflow on chilly busy nights by placing portable patio heaters around the outside dining and bar areas.

Portable Patio Heaters are 7 feet 3 inches tall and put out 40,000 BTUs of Heat. Each heater will cover approximately a 10-15 foot diameter.

Portable Outdoor Patio Heaters are easy to transport. The heater comes in its own carry case and the reflector dish has a separate carry bag (see photo to right). The heater will fit in most vehicles so you can do a self pick-up at our warehouse and save the delivery fee.

Patio heaters run on propane and will give you a good 5 to 6 hours of heating. If you anticipate needing heat for more than this, we can make sure you have extra propane to refuel. Once fired up, our 40,000 BTU propane patio heaters will heat an area of about 18’ to 20’. Obviously, you’ll want to place the patio heater(s) toward the center of your tent in order to distribute the heat. Also, you need ample clearance around the heater to minimize the risk of fire.

outsideGenerally, it’s recommended to have one heater for every 1,200 to 2,000 sq. ft. of tent space. So, for instance, if you have a 30 x 40’ tent (1200 sq. ft), you’d be fine with just one heater. However, there’s a big difference between a chill in the air in early fall and a bone numbing cold in early February. Once we know what time of year your event is taking place and what size tent you’ll be renting, we can better advise you on what size of heater you’ll need.RG4300iS

Available Generators:

  • 6000 Watt Generator
  • 7500 Watt Generator


Available Heaters:

  • 80000 Btu Tent Heater
  • 170000 Btu Tent Heater
  • Patio Heater 40000 Btu

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