Rent Fencing and Stanchions for Expositions and Events

crowdPICKET, PLASTIC FENCING, RENTAL CROWD CONTROL BARRICADE Superior Party Rental has an extensive and varied inventory of race related equipment that includes mile markers, timing clocks, traffic management equipment, crowd control fencing, custom start/finish line structures, and other unique race related equipment.  SES also has long-standing relationships with many vendors with negotiated rates to assist with your other events.

Superior Rental offers a range of temporary fencing and barricades for use in trade shows, expos, events, banquets or performances.

We offer metal, plastic and wood fencing and barricades to help control crowds and guide visitors to a booth at a trade show or expo.

Our service is unmatched, ensuring your place settings are delivered on time and in full and pickup is also on time, getting you out of your space as scheduled.

crowd1Crowd Control

Fencing- Barricades are portable and can be set up and taken down in a short period of time.  It is heavy duty steal held up by two detachable steel flat feet.  Typical uses include start corrals and finish chutes.

Black Stanchions- The black stanchions provide you with a professional looking way to section off areas of space.  Each stanchion includes the black plastic chain used for linking the stanchions together.

White Stanchions- Our white metal stanchions are perfect for professionally sectioning off areas of your event.  These free standing stanchions will allow you to manage your event site effectively.

40″ Fence Wrap- This black fence wrap covers your lower fencing, and is a great way to make your start corals or finishing gate look professional and attractive.

6′ Fence Wrap- Cover your chain-link fencing with a black mesh that will act as a privacy fence as well as a wind barrier.

crowd2Stakes- Large stakes to place signage on or tie poles to.

Sign Holders (click for pictures)

L-Poles- Mark your locations and tents with our L-Poles.  Each pole stands 10 ft. tall and is easily visible to participants and spectators.  Each pole can either be tied to a tent pole or a large metal stake.

Super H-Frames- Mark an entrance with our 10 ft. tall H-Frame signage holders.  Each frame 10 ft. tall by 10 ft. wide.  The H-Frame signage holder must be tied to a tent post or large stake.

Free-Standing Signage Poles with Stands- Make sure your event is marked properly with our 8 ft. tall free standing signage poles.  Each pole comes with a base that can be easily transported from location to location.

4×8 A-Frames- Post your reults on our large A-Frame results board.  Each results board will provide you with enough space to efficiently post your results.

3×5 A-Frames- The mid sized A-Frames are perfect for displaying important information or course directions to your participants or spectators.  Each A-Frame has a line of velcro around the edges to allow you to easily attach and remove your signage.

2×3 A-Frames- Our small sized A-Frames are easily portable and are perfect for directing foot traffic to different locations.  Each A-frame has a line of velcro around the edges to allow you to easily attach and remove your signage.

fenceStart & Finish Structures

Start/Finish Towers- Impress and thrill your audience with a professional start or finish structure that stands 11 ft. tall.  The structure includes two or three towers and a cross connecting piece that spans from 12 ft. to 36 ft. wide.

Traffic SafetyTraffic & Safety

Cones- Orange cones with a reflective jacket that will mark your event.  These cones will help you direct traffic and keep cars off event site.

Safety Vests- Bright yellow and orange reflective vests used to make sure personnel on the event site are seen by cars, spectators and participants.

Safety Wands- Orange safety wands used to direct traffic or people to different locations.

Safety Lights- Flashing light that sits on top of a vehicle.


weddingPipe & Drape- Create booths and dividing space at your expos!  Our pipe and drape will cover your expo needs by providing you with easily created booth spaces.

Contact our Superior event rental advisers for assistance with exposition accessories for your event.