How to Make Halloween Cake Kabobs:


Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. The cool weather, hot chocolate, cozy cardigans, Halloween decorations, festivities and fall colors can’t be beat. One of the nicest things about living in northern climes is the ever changing seasons. For a few weeks, nature puts on one of its most spectacular displays as native trees and shrubs finish out the growing season in a brilliant display of fall colors. It is the beginning of the holiday season.

I wanted to get a head start on what I would be doing for my fun fall festivities and what fun baked treat I could come up with. Then it hit me. What makes anything amazing even better? You put it on a stick!!!!



Cake kabobs! These were so fun and easy to make that I think anyone would love this activity, and it would be great to do with kids.


I started out by using a simple white cake mix. I then divided the batter equally into the colors I wanted. I used Icing Colors to tint the batter. For Halloween I used green, purple and black, then for fall I used orange, red and brown.

I wanted a variety of colors and shapes so I used the Harvest Whoopi Pie Pan and the Halloween Cookie Shapes Non-Stick Pan. I filled each cavity and baked for about 5-7 minutes until done.

I then took the remaining batter and smoothed it out on a jelly roll pan making sure that it was all about the same thickness. I baked this for about 7-10 minutes until a toothpick Then I got to layering. There is no right or wrong way to do this! I used Decorator Icing in a disposable decorating bag to add some frosting between the cake layers so they will stay together and rotated between colors and shapes. Came out clean. I then used a 1 inch diameter cookie cutter and cut out small round pieces of cake

carla-halloween-kabobsI also melted some Candy Melts® Candy by following the directions on the package in a disposable decorating bag, snipped off the tip and added fun accents to the shaped cake pieces on the kabobs. I added some Eyeballs & Eyebrows Fun Pix to give some personality to the cake kabobs.

These were so fun and easy and I really think that my friends and family are going to love these fun, festive treats this season!