There are many advantages to renting from Superior Equipment

Superior Rental has food service equipment rental and party supply rental to meet your needs


Superior has food service equipment rental and party supply rental to meet your needs; we work hard to provide our customers with the equipment rental you need to make your job easier or your party perfect. The growth of our equipment rental business has been due to customer service and the satisfaction our staff gets from helping you save money. When you are considering renting equipment, remember these important advantages:

  1. The experienced staff at Superior Equipment can help you quickly find the right equipment or item for the job. We know you may not be sure about the equipment that your job requires, but we have the knowledge to provide you with the right equipment rental for the job. Simply explain what you’re doing and we’ll make sure you get the right equipment.
  2. At Superior Equipment, we’ll help explain how each piece of equipment works before you leave our equipment rental department. We want to make sure your job is a success, and proper instruction is an integral part of that success. At Superior Equipment, we make sure your food service equipment rental experience is a success.
  3. You save money by not having to buy an item you may only use a few times. Renting equipment is usually the best option.
  4. At Superior Equipment, our equipment rental is properly serviced and always in top condition. After each use, the supplies are inspected and repaired if needed by our trained professionals. Careful maintenance and safety are priorities for us for our entire equipment rental.
  5. You don’t have to store items you don’t use frequently. At Superior Equipment, we have all of the space necessary to store all of the ranges, coolers, freezers and concession equipment our clients may need. At many homes and businesses in Wisconsin, space is at a premium so don’t waste that space on items you won’t use often and can rent easily from Superior.
  6. You save money by renting equipment for only a fraction of the purchase price. Buying large and expensive items can take a big portion of your profits from a job. But by using the equipment rental services at Superior Rental, you spend less and get the same, high-quality equipment.
  7. At Superior Equipment, we can use our trucks to safely bring equipment rental items to your location and later pick them up anywhere in southeast Wisconsin. We make renting equipment convenient and affordable.

Superior Equipment has been a locally owned and operated food service equipment business since 1984. We know what you are looking for when it comes to reliable equipment rental in southeast Wisconsin.

Contact the experienced equipment rental professionals at Superior Equipment for all your food service equipment and tabletop furnishing rentals. Contact us today at 800-960-4300. Delivery is available to virtually any job site in Southeast Wisconsin.