Stage and Dance Floor Rentals

dance-floor (1)Rent Indoor or Outdoor Stages and Dance Floors for Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events and Parties

Dance floors are often rented for weddings, private parties, corporate parties, conventions and more. There are many options when it comes to renting a portable dance floor for your party. Dance floors rental are made of different materials. Superior Rental can provide you with any color dance floor whether it be square or round. We have classic wood dance floors and even black and white checkered ones to rent. We also have glossy, seamless dance floors that will have your guests dancing all night. Whether you are hosting a wedding, birthday party, school party or just a party that need a dance floor to rent, this is perfect for you.

UT85q.mXc4XXXagOFbXuWhen it is time to rent your dance floor, first Determine the kind of party you are throwing Formal events may require a wood floor, which is more expensive than a plastic floor for casual events.
Without a good dance floor, celebratory events such as wedding receptions and dance parties can grind to a halt. Providing a good dance floor enables your guests to loosen up and really get into the spirit of the party. Before you rent a dance floor, you must know the scale of the party you are throwing and the kind of dancing that you expect your guests to perform.

We will deliver, install, and pick up the dance floor at your convenience.

Call today and one of the representatives from our rental department will be happy to walk you through designing your event space from start to finish. We look forward in speaking with you to discuss your dance floor Rental needs.


Simple-Wedding-Stage-DecorationStage Rentals

Superior Party Rental offers a variety of choices for stages:

A Stage is the common denominator of nearly all events. Whether you’re putting on a fashion show, a music festival or a commencement ceremony, you’re likely in need of a Stage Rental.

At Superior Stage Rental, your event will receive a significant level of expertise in delivering and constructing a Stage that not only meets your event’s specifications, but keeps your performers and audience safe, as well.

Rent A Stage To Fit Your Event

Renting a Stage that meets your event’s specific needs is not always easy. Perhaps your event requires a runway, or maybe you want to build a Stage over a swimming pool. At Superior Stage Rental, we will build a Stage of any height, small or large, any shape or any color to make your event one of a kind.

The following is a list of our customizations:

  • Height – small to large
  • Shapes
  • Colors – to match color scheme of your event
  • Turntable Stages
  • LED Stages
  • Multi-level Stages
  • Audience Risers
  • Choral Risers

In addition we offer:

  • Affordable rental rates
  • Skirting, step units, handrails and backrails
  • Professional, Well-groomed delivery and setup technicians
  • Computer generated stage layouts
  • On time delivery
  • Experienced rooftop technicians
  • Optional services such as fly bays, lighting integration and signage bars

Safety Is Our Priority

When putting on an event, you are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of those in attendance, and it is our responsibility to help you in this endeavor. At Superior Stage Rental, we take every safety precaution in constructing our Stages and Rooftops. We want you to feel confident that your event is meeting all safety requirements, and we guarantee the safety of our products and construction.

Superior Stage Rental provides exceptional Stage and Rooftop Rental services throughout the Milwaukee metropolitan area, and throughout the state of Wisconsin , and guarantees the safest equipment for your live event.

For any quotes, questions or concerns, please visit our contact page, or call 800.960.4300 or email us at

Staging:  4′x4′ sections can be built at 6″, 12″, 24″, 30″, and 36″ .

Optional accessories include:  Stairs, Skirting, Railing, and Carpet


Contact our Superior party rental store staff at 1800.960.4300 for more information on stage and dance floor rentals for your event.