ede14d880bf4a8f0d908b2ec963f9d6bCurrently, we offer a nice variety of rectangular banquet tables, round dining tables, Cocktail tables and conference tables. Our conference tables are offered with either laminate or wood tops, while the dining and banquet tables are all wood-topped and designed to be used with table linens. Table sizes range from a seating capacity of 4 to 6 up to sizes which will accommodate up to 10.

Browse our offerings online and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how many tables you will need for your event or which tables will work best. If you are purchasing one of our Wisconsin wedding reception packages, or any other package, you may add as many extra tables or chairs as you anticipate needing.

Banquet Table Rentals

Rent tables for wedding receptions, graduation parties and corporate events

Rectangular Banquet Tables









4ft x 30 in. (seats 4-6)

6ft x 30 in. (seats 6-8)

8ft x 30 in, (seats 8-10)

ivory-chair-covers-rental-mi-w-gold-charger-2-f3c9e0fe61Round Banquet Tables





Sizes:Wedding-Table-Rental.jpg round

48” (seats 6)

60” (seats 8)

72” (seats 10)


48d1f4453fc6a1352ec9a990da29bf94Cabaret Tables (Cocktail or Pub)

Considerably smaller than our round banquet tables, these cabaret tables invite guests to relax and have a drink or converse with others. The smaller size makes it considerably easier for your wait staff to weave their way through the crowd and deliver libations to your guests. We offer these tables in two heights—30” for use with chairs and 42” for standing use only. For formal events, we recommend using tablecloths on these tables.


30” Round

36” Round

Both sizes of these tables are available in seated height (30”) or standing height (42”).


Conference Tables—Wood & Laminate Top


Rectangular Table Size: 6ft x18in, Laminate or Wood Top

The classic conference table, designed to be placed end-to-end in rows.

Serpentine Tables: 6 ft., Wood Top

These tables can be joined to form an undulating wave shape or a circular shape